The 10 Most Popular Kids’ Halloween Costumes in 2019

Halloween is all about getting dressed as vampires, witches and ghosts trick or treating at neighbors’ or friends’ doorsteps. With the array of TV series, movies, and cartoons, your kids will probably get excited about one of the super cool picks below. You can also find more info here about the details of the outfit.

1.    Blank Panther: The year 2018 can be rightly mentioned as the year of Blank Panther because of its huge box office collections. If your kid loves the film, you can dress up your little hero as King T’Challa.

2.    Incredibles: With the Incredibles 2’s humongous box office collections, your whole family can be dressed up as Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Baby Jack, Violet, and Dash and take your way to save the world.

3.    Mermaids: The magical mermaid costume can be your little girl’s all-time favorite attire. The single piece dress which comes with a small foam tail gives a complete mermaid look.

4.    Minecraft: The children’s craze for Minecraft seems to be never-ending. You can dress up your little Minecraft lover as a colorful Minecraft and send him to play trick or treat.

5.    Paw Patrol’s Chase: If your kid loves Nick Jr.’s Paw Patrol, you can give him Chase’s attire, which comes with a backpack and a headpiece.

6.    Ninja: Your little Red ranger Ninja steel will look undoubtedly incredible.

7.    Raptor-Jurassic World: Your little dino will look fabulous in the inflatable Raptor outfit from the blockbuster film, JurassicWorld-Fallen kingdom.

8.    Wonder Woman: Your cute superwoman will love to dress as wonder woman and no doubt that she will look dominant in the attire. The outfit comes with a tiara, armband, and gauntlets.

9.    Nella, the Princess Knight: Nella is brave, strong and sturdy with a little turquoise heart. Your baby girl will love the beautiful purple princess attire.

10.    Super Mario: Get nostalgic by dressing up your little hero as Mario, with a cap, mustache, shoes and of course, an inflated belly.…

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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Composite Deck

You must have spent days or months on patiently designing your deck. Then there is the tedious process of picking out the best decking materials. The decking prices depend on the design and the material chosen. So after all these efforts, you would definitely want furniture that enhance the beauty of your deck. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when you start choosing furniture to be placed in your deck.

Low maintenance

Most people go for composite deck mainly because these are known to be some of the easiest options to maintain. So from cleaning to getting small repairs done, these take very little effort. Pick furniture that complements this effect. Choose outdoor furniture made of durable low maintenance materials.

Sufficient seating for family and friends

Plan the amount of seating that would be required based on the size of your family. Add convertible seating spaces which also come with storage. You can always add a few ottomans or bean bags when additional seating is required.

Quality brings value

Look for quality when you choose outdoor furniture. Pick those that are durable and long lasting. If you have spent a great deal of money on decorating your deck and designing it elegantly inexpensive furniture should not spoil the looks of it.

Storage arrangements

Ensure that you plan the storage and organization aspects in the deck area. You can use hanging shelves or wall shelves if you wish to save floor space. And there are benches that come with storage which can be used to stow away spare cushions etc.

Keep the weather elements in mind when you choose outdoor furniture. If the place where you stay would be experiencing scorching sunlight or freezing snowy weather conditions you should have some arrangement to protect your furniture during such times. …

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